Catapult King Mobile Game Review : A 3D Launch Physics Game for Android & iOS

Catapult King

Rescue the Princess by Toppling Things

Catapult King is a physics-based 3D launch game developed by Wicked Witch Software. Fans of Angry Birds and even Boom Blox will be no stranger to the genre, with the concept and basics staying the same: topple anything in your way and become a master of throwing things.

In Catapult King, you find yourself in a land with rolling hills and green meadows; the day is sunny, birds are chirping and the princess is dancing around as usual. Everything seems right in the world until a big red dragon comes along and imprisons her, summoning some of his armored henchmen to stand guard. As you may have guessed, your job is to free the princess, all the while toppling structures made of crate stacks, bricks, boards and stone. There are guarded twirling, bug-eyed baddies who are not very effective at their job, though they are pretty successful at being annoyingly mean. And it is up to you to overcome them all.Getting the Basics Right

Your trusty catapult is easy to operate. Simply pull down on your projectile, adjust the angle and release when ready. The cog on the side helps adjust your aim height and distance so you can reach tricky targets easily. This basically feels like a glorified slingshot, only you use big cannonballs instead of a measly pebble.

Know the multiple types of projectiles and use it according to your targets. Black projectiles will whittle down stone walls in no time while split types are handy against multiple enemies. Also, remember the golden rule for physics-based topple games --aim low to maximize destruction; the more of a chain reaction you can cause, the more damage you can do. Of course, there will be times when the “weak point” of a structure is only reached by aiming a little higher, so be sure to adjust your attack strategy per stage setup.

Release Date: 03/04/2014

Available on: iOS, Android

App Store Rating: 4.3/5

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Things That Help

There are three handy power-ups which you can utilize in Catapult King. Lunar Strike has the ability to rain down destructive blue comets on structures, Earth Shock sends things flying by shaking the ground and Aim Arrow helps you make a perfect throw. You may purchase these power-ups with the using the Magic you earn by completing levels. You can either fire a projectile then wait for them to hit an object to activate or simply tap on the screen to use the ability early.

While it is possible to finish levels without using these power-ups at all, they are still useful for those times when you want to plow through a level fast or if you are having a difficult time clearing a stage. Regardless, it is highly satisfying to see them in action and they go pretty well with the medieval fantasy feel of the game.

Nice to See, Nice to Play

Speaking of themes, this first person launch game does a pretty good job in terms of being immersive. The colorful graphics change depending on the time of the day. The night sky is vibrant, with lighting coming from torches and houses scattered about. Distant towns successfully give depth to the scenery as well. However, the cartoony South Park-esque character models are not for everyone. We would have loved cuter characters and less generic designs.

If you are looking for your next iOS game and are into the launch genre, we suggest looking into Catapult King. With its mooning soldiers and 64 levels of toppling fun, this humorous game is all about entertaining. Topple some buildings, defeat the dragon, rescue the princess and relieve some stress while you're at it. What more can you ask for?

The Verdict

With its nice visual content (the graphics are easy on the eyes thanks to the color treatment and the detailing) and easy to follow game mechanics, Catapult King is easily one of the more enjoyable launch games on the iOS (and there are plenty of those to choose from). It has all the basic right and also provides a substantial variety of puzzles to keep you interested. The addition of power-ups and other details make the stages a lot more thrilling to play too –as you can actually do things that the conventional approach does not allow. We give this game a satisfying 85/100.


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Catapult King is developed by Chillingo Ltd.