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Twang the Fox

Get ready for an epic journey through vibrant worlds, full of numerous crazy contraptions and fiendish mechanical foes. Get Foxy!

Rescue the Amazing Flying Foxes in Twang the Fox

Being a doodle platformer, Twang the Fox is a unique tablet game indeed. As a bonus, it happens to have a delightful story behind it as well. This makes for an irresistible combo for both young tablet gamers and older players looking for a fresh casual title.

Twang and his family are star acrobats of the renowned Peppino's Circus. After a show one night, Twang decides to go out to grab some grub for everyone. Boscoe Carnivale, the ringmaster of rival circus troupe Cirque des Loones, breaks in and cub-naps his family. With Fifi and his cubs missing, it is up to you to help him follow the fruit trail they left in order to save the Amazing Flying Foxes.

Sometimes the best games are simple. That being said, we were impressed with the game's accessible mechanics. Basically you slide your finger across the screen, or as the game explains "from point A to B" in order to draw bands. These are then used by Twang to bounce on until he reaches the portal above, ending the level. Being gamers since the Famicom era, we somehow remember Mappy bouncing on colorful rubber bands to overcome gaps.

Release Date: 06/09/2012

Available on: iOS, Android

App Store Rating: 4.5/5

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Smaller bands are more powerful, giving an extra boost to reach the top faster. Holding down while drawing will enable Fox Focus. This slows down time enough for you to accurately aim Twang's bounce.

There are many different interactive objects to be found throughout the game's six unique worlds. The first you will encounter are the cannons. These rotate so you will have to time your tap in order to send Twang in the right direction. After you get the hang of things, these really help him zip past obstacles and finish levels quicker. Later on you will encounter crossbows, rockets, magnet-like portals, zero gravity stages and more. These new objects are gradually introduced within the game's 60 levels, keeping things fresh until the last stage.

While just reaching the end of the stage is easy enough, collecting all the fruits in one is a tad trickier. The number of collectibles varies from stage to stage but managing to get them all boosts your score and gives you a chance to get a three star (perfect) rating. To add some more excitement, you will have to overcome various obstacles, even fiendish foes, before you rescue Twang's adorable family.

With rainbows, sleeping clouds and smiling octopus creatures, the graphics used in Twang the Fox are irresistibly cute. Aside from the characters being stylized and charming, the vibrant colors used and distinct level designs are simply stellar. If you're worried about the level of detail slowing things down, don't be. The animations are as smooth as one can hope for in a platform game where timing matters.

Considering its innovative mechanics, darling story line and sweet level design, Twang the Fox is fun enough for a whole family. The game is challenging without being frustrating. The difficulty varies depending on what you wish to accomplish during a run. Completionists would surely want to collect all the fruits in a stage while casual players would find enough to enjoy just blazing through the levels. Because of this, you can expect plenty of replayability regardless of your play style.


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Twang the Fox is developed by PikPok.