Titan Launch Retaliation

Stain the Skies Red in Titan Lunch Retaliation!

There is always room for fun, simple and addictive games in our library, and Adult Swim's Titan Lunch Retaliation (or Titan Launch as we like to refer to it) certainly fits the bill. The game places you in control of a Titan whose lunch has been stolen by some bird of sorts. Now, you must venture up into the skies and slaughter your way through flocks of monstrous beasts and gigantic bosses. It combines a simple graphics with tight controls, a good upgrade system and a very addicting gameplay system -all in all, a highly recommended title.

Just What is a Titan?

Forget anything you may have learned in mythology class, Adult Swim's titan is pretty much a cross between a mountain barbarian, a centurion and a Spartan warrior all rolled into one. This guy is a massive hulk of muscle and death waiting to be unleashed on your foes. While he starts out with pretty meager items, players will be able to earn plenty of gold to buy upgrades as they progress in the game. After an hour of gameplay, your titan will be fully decked in war-gear all set to slay anything that cruises the skies. There really is not much need for a character here, after all you just want a little vengeance for having your lunch stolen. While killing anything airborne may seem a bit too extreme, we have to admit that it is also very fun.

The Gameplay

When we said simple game, we meant it. This titan launch game only has two controls: the mouse for navigating the menus (particularly the shop menu for buying upgrades) and the action button (you can also use the left mouse button in the main game too). The spacebar serves as the action button and with it you can trigger the initial launching jump of the Titan and once you are airborne, it commands your grappling hook. Everything else is automatic.

Timing the jump is pretty easy, just keep an eye on the counter and once it hits the uppermost limit, press the action button - this will provide the Titan with a massive initial jump that will get him started (also, once you have upgraded a bit, it is advisable to use the grappling hook right after jumping for a quick freebie kill). Then once you are in flight, everything relies on your timing of the grappling hook.

Pressing spacebar midair will let you throw the grappling hook straight forward. If it hits an enemy, the Titan will automatically swing towards it and the creature will be slain using the sword. After the creature dies, the Titan will use the corpse as a springboard for another jump, allowing you to repeat the process over and over again.

Kill enough enemies this way and you will find that you have been able to travel quite a great deal. More importantly, you are also going to encounter massive creatures every few thousand meters or so. Once hit by a grappling hook, the game starts a special sequence that will require timing the pressing of the action button when the meter hits the green area in the bar. The giants serve as the bosses of the game and often require multiple successful attacks to beat and will reward players plenty of gold if the sequence if finished. Be careful as missing the timing will cause the titan to release the boss (you have the option to use the grappling hook a second or even third time, but these chances are quite limited).

The View from Above

The graphics and sounds for Titan Lunch Retaliation are not that impressive, but they work pretty well for a game of this level. Adult Swim's flash games pride themselves more on addictive gameplay instead of having high end visuals - and they deliver exactly as they promised. On the sad side, the game is still pretty hefty for a mid-range notebook (which many casual players use) so expect to find a few gameplay issues particularly with the jerky graphics. On a faster machine however, TLR plays like a dream and getting your timing right is simply a matter of watching the screen.

In terms of art, the game still provides players with a vast variety of creatures from flying eyeballs to harpies to winged sausage dogs (don't ask). The bosses are also nicely done, though a few more frames of animation would have been nice to see. Expect to see plenty of blood and boss decapitations too -these certainly add a lot of flavor to the game.

The audio could certainly use a little work -particularly with the soundtrack which plays a little too much like a badly made social networking game. Even something a little campy and 80's-ish would have been more appreciated (think audio that would have suited Arnold's Conan or even Sorbo's Hercules). The lack of barbaric grunts or any vocals from the Titan makes him a little out of character, since our big muscled buddy really does not seem like the quiet type. Aside from that, the game does manage to bring out a successful cacophony of sword blades being swung, hooks impaling on monster flesh and blood splattering all over the skies.

The Verdict

Even when it comes to casual titles, we still tend to be very unforgiving. After all, there are literally thousands of games out there that one can easily access and play by clicking on a single link. With that said, any game that is worth investing time on (and passing up others for) is truly a gem of a title. Berzerk Studio's Titan Lunch Retaliation happily ranks as one of those.

The launch game has a very good feel from start to end, allowing players to indulge in senseless airborne, sword swinging violence without putting much strain on the brain or your fingers. Timing is all that players need in the game (and a little luck at time) in order to get. With 5 initial bosses to beat and a wide array of upgrades to earn, TLR promises a good afternoon of fun in front of the computer. We give this game a decapitated hippogriff's 85/100.