Toilet Launch Game

Get ready for Blast off! has come up with this hilarious launcher game that allows you to send this obnoxious guy – with a weird haircut in his undies sitting on a toilet bowl, zooming as far as the reaches of space. Your main objective in the game is to send him flying off and have him cover as much distance as you can. Provide him with an array of upgrades to send him higher and farther than ever before. So let us pump that pressure pipe – no pun intended, and send this “Rocket Man” to a place where no toilet has gone before.

Rocket Science

This is one crazy and amusing distance game that has the graphics to back it up. From the insanely designed pressurized pipe that launches the Toilet guy, to the assortment of cool gadgets you can use to make him go farther than before – every object you use in the game looks good. You can definitely play it over and over again without getting tired of watching the game in action.

While the Main menu shows our guy in his undies raising his right hand in the air while standing on his wheeled toilet (by the way, his hand is censored by a black bubble with a question mark on it, unlock the Secret Item to see what it is!), the in-game avatar seems to preview him as buck naked. Sporting a Rocker look complete with earrings and bulging eyes, it makes you wonder whether he is sitting on the toilet because he is doing it for fun or is doing it for a dare. But after seeing his expressionless face and rigid body as you send him zooming off to the sky on his rocket toilet, it is more likely that he is frozen stiff because of the fear that someone or something deliberately jammed him down a toilet – we think this makes it even more hilarious. The good thing about all this is that he is already sitting on a toilet bowl so he won’t have to worry about soiling his pants.

The speed of the game as your avatar flies through the screen makes it a little difficult to appreciate the game’s background designs. Although it is the same city looping over and over again, details such as flying UFOs, floating stars, balloons and the occasional fire hydrant, makes the game look varied instead of seeing just one stage over and over again like in most launcher game. Another bonus is that you get to run over a few cats and dogs along the way - seeing their souls go to animal heaven are bit too much though.

Some, if not all launcher games beat up their avatars by showing you what happens when they hit the pavement at alarming speeds. Some of them tumble and spurt blood out of their bodies, while others splatter or make crunching noises; fortunately our hero here is smarter than the others. By putting wheels on his toilet and making it aerodynamic allows him to bounce off the ground and cruise down the road without even getting a scratch – which is actually pretty cool to watch.

Rocking on the toilet

A crazy hero deserves a crazy upbeat music track to set the mood straight, and that is what Toilet Launch has. delivers several music tracks that change depending on the upgrade your hero has. This actually encourages you to get all the upgrades so that you can hear all the variety of music the developers have placed in the game. The game’s sound effects are quirky and amusing to the ears, instead of being annoying – like most sound effects in other launcher games, Toilet Launch’s sound effects actually inspires you to play the game longer.

Methane Powered Technology

Other launcher games require you to send your avatar as far as you can, and that is all there is. But in Toilet Launch, they added the fun option of special upgrades, which helps launch our hero with four different pressure pumps that are attached to the toilet launcher. These pumps provide you with a powerful one time boost with a cleverly concealed rocket that appears at the back of the toilet that can send you to space to meet up with the aliens riding on UFOs. Players can make their toilet bowls more aerodynamic to create less drag, you can even add a car spoiler, better wheels, or even give your guy a helmet and a racer suit.

Some of the disgusting yet funny options in the game are the upgrades for the flush option, which provides you with a short burst to send your character further for a few more metres. The Max Power Upgrade is great a ability; no longer do you have to time your mouse click to get the most pressure out of your launch because the pressure meter will always be at max capacity. The most useful of all the upgrades is the Golden Toilet Option, which doubles the money you earn from each launch, making it faster to earn the needed cash to get other upgrades you might need later on. There is also a “SECRET UPGRADE” that you can unlock for One Million cash, we advise players to go save the money to see for themselves what this expensive upgrade is.

Toilet Launch uses the same method every launcher game has to catapult their heroes. Move the mouse to adjust the angle of your hero’s launch. The force of the launch is dependent on the pressure level of the launcher, with the help of upgrades you can send him farther and gain more money for more upgrades later on. You get to record the furthest distance you have achieved as well as the maximum height that you were able to reach during your game. You get three flush power ups to augment your game and you can also buy the Accelerator Power up for a one time mega boost that usually sends your avatar up to space a few seconds, occasionally going off screen.  Unlocking this upgrade also allows you to pick up accelerator icons along the way if you are lucky enough to run in to them.

Buying the Accelerator can be good at the beginning of the game but getting the pressurized pump upgrades first would be better. Once you get the Golden Toilet Upgrade though, you will get all the other upgrades in less time and a lot more easily than you normally do since you will be gaining more money each launch. All in all, the upgrades in the game add to the flavour upon which this game can entertain you and can definitely get you hooked to the game’s crazy fun gameplay.

Finally, Success!

After spending hours, even days of sending this guy flying through the sky, the game never got boring. The quirkiness of the game, together with its pleasing graphics was enough to keep us playing. With a decent sound track to boot, Piter Games Rocket Toilet definitely has the potential of being great, despite being a simple launcher game. The sponsor, has delivered a good one – pun intended, with Toilet launch. Although it would have been better if they added a few more upgrades to the game. Despite this, it is still a worthwhile game that can relieve you of stress and make you laugh. Toilet Launch has launched itself to new heights with its score of 82/100.