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Catapult King

Catapult King: View 5

Take down forts, castles and even a fire-breathing dragon in Catapult King—the King of castle crushers! Rescue the princess and defeat the enemy

Rating: 4.3/5

Release Date: 03/04/2014

Type: Tossing

Available for: iOS, Android

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Learn to Fly

Learn to Fly: View 5

One Penguin Takes it personally when he is surfing the web and stumbles upon a web site telling him that he cant fly, after that he sets his mind to research and practice flying until he can prove the world that he can.. Learn to Fly!

Rating: 4.0/5

Release Date: 01/11/2011


Available for: iOS

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Hedgehog Launch

Hedgehog Launch: View 5

Launch your hedgehog into space in as few days as possible. Earn money by bouncing off platforms and hitting coins to buy upgrades...

Rating: 4.0/5

Release Date: 28/10/2010

Type: Distance

Available for: iOS

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