Berzerk Ball 2 Game

The Geek is back for more launching pain!

berzerk ball 2: the ultimate geek launching game

Coming soon to a desktop or mobile phone near you is the sequel to Homerun in Berzerkland - Berzerk Ball 2. Here we have a rather annoying yet unfortunate geek and a steroid pumping hunk, one hit's the other as far as he can - I think you can guess which way around that will be right?

Launch games have collected some of the biggest plays online and Berzerk Ball 2 will no doubt take it's fair share of the cusual gaming audience once it's finally released. Especially when taking a look at the game trailer - we can easily see some marked improvements on the first game. Check out the trailer below...

Game Trailer

One of the most obvious things we like is the ability to customise your geek's appearance. However although all the options look rather well designed and unique we can't help feel that if you could also change the look of his face and the gender this may have proved even more popular, especially with those creative fans that want full control of the geek they are going to punish. But we can see that even with the simple outfit changes you can create some rather hilarious and bizarre looks for our pop bellied friend so we can't moan on too much (atleast not as much as the geek himself tends to do!)

Six New Powerup's

So what else is in the pipe line for the sequel. Well the six additional accomplices or 'power ups' all look like great fun and add a further dimension to the original more flat launch game. Berzerk Ball 2 no longer feels like it's just you hitting a geek as far as you can on a flat dull field. This time you can take control of a variety of other 'things' such as a giant flying worm that spit's the geek out and a huge monster truck where by you can drive your geek further down the playing field. I'm sure Berzerk Studio's has even more in store for fans of the original.

6 New Mini Game Challenges

Adding further depth to the game the dev's have introduced 6 new mini challenges which all look rather fun by the looks of the trailer. Mini challenges can prove a welcome break from the initial launch concept and make the game even more fresh rather than just sticking purely to the main idea.

More Culprits We Wonder?

What isn't so clear is whether there will be a greater variety of people to choose to hit your geek with. In the previous game there were several culprits to pick from but we don't see any sign of such choices in trailer - it will be interesting to see whether Berzerk Studios have put as much effort into the variety of culprits as they have the customisation options of the geek.

Release Date?

Some time within the next two months we think - that's as of the 27th September 2012 as this article has been written. We can't wait!