Burrito Bison Revenge Game

Gummy Thieves On The Loose Again

After gummy bears steal the Bison's wallet whilst he escaped from Candy Land urrito Bison is forced into Candy Land to retrieve his dosh by pounding through the Gummy Bears and making sweet mash out of them.

Like many launch games the further you get the more dosh you have to spend on upgrades to enhance your flight speed, trajectory and reach. Burrito Bison 2 is packed with originally named and somewhat originally conceived upgrades making it a launch game of higher calibre than many others in the market. We also like the polished graphics of the game which is typical of Juicy Beast who always delivered visually. However in a game such a Burrito Bison and the candy land environment extra glossy graphics are just what's in order to deliver on the feel of a delightful and surreal gummy world.

We like the grumpy cookie who is the presence of Burrito in the ring, it's the little additions to the game such as this character that make it more appealing than launching games with a flat and monotonous tossing field. Burrito also has a standard rocket slam that you can use to gain even more distance - this fills up once every while.

Upgrades are divided into 4 character categories - Burrito Bison Himself, The Gummy Bears, Brutus the Cookie and Tacos. All upgrade categories have plenty of explore and try out once you start collecting some coins from your launches.

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