Chuck the Sheep Game

A launch game by Armor Games with a loveable character and a good dose of originality - Sheep Launch involves you playing a sheep who is desperately trying to escape from his farmers shears to avoid loosing his fleece. A sheep loosing his fleece is like the embarassment of me or you going bald and so the sheep must do everything he can to escape this farmers clutches!

What would you do as a sheep? Well perhaps you would craft a plane to be launched in to get as far away from the farmer as possible. Only one problem though, your starter plane is pretty rubbish and you will need to collect more parts along the way to upgrade the plane. Unlike most launch games where you get cash quite easily by just going the distance, in launch the sheep you have to work that little bit hard for your addons by collecting them in mid air!

Of course getting all the bits and pieces you need for your plane can prove annoying if you keep missing that certain special part in mid air so the game developers have made it so you can trade one bunch of parts for a certain amount of another. This makes the job that little bit less painstaking and aggravating should your navigation be that little bit off when repeating your sheeps launch.

In Sheep Launch there are also a set of mini games to complete with each giving you access to another special upgrade as a reward making launch the sheep that little bit more different than the usual launch game. It's originality is on the scale of Titan Launch and even more so Plane Launch with the latter unsurprisingly also by Armor Games.