Destructo Truck Game

Daredevils Wanted, please apply inside

Do you have the guts to drive an awesome truck down the “Ramp of Destruction” and cause total mayhem? Well, here is your chance, with Ninja Kiwi’s Destructo Truck. Send your truck flying through the air and smash it into as many structures as you can to earn enough money to upgrade – or should we say repair, your truck to have it cause even more chaos and mayhem. A hot set of upgrades will make your destructive truck bigger, better and badder, turning it into a machine totally built for destruction. So get on the wheel, and get ready for some trucking mayhem in Truck Launch.

Going on a Rampage Trip

The graphics used in this launcher game are extremely fitting to its theme. From the badass design of the Optimus Prime looking truck that you are driving, to the insanely high ramp you use to launch your truck with, everything looks nice and highly detailed. Especially the rocket booster attached to the back of your truck – which is just simply sweet to look at. Everything looks great and ready for the wanton destruction that you are about to unleash.

The visual background of the game provides you with a scene of tranquillity, as opposed to what you are doing in the game. The peaceful hills with its cows and farms seem to actually urge you to destroy everything in your path instead. The colours used in the game’s backgrounds are appealing and add to the mood of the game itself despite it being the opposite from the game’s overall theme. The designs of the houses and other obstacles are vibrant and vary in design and shape. All of which you can smash through with your truck with much relish as they explode and shatter into bits and pieces.

The menu system also provides you with enough information for you to plan out your next jump - while the designs of the Ninja Kiwi logo along with the trucker motif for the system itself are great additions to the game’s overall appeal.

The Metal Sound of Destruction

Destructo Truck’s soundtrack is awesome and will definitely keep you entertained as you smash through houses, shops and gas tanks. Although they only used one soundtrack that loops all throughout the game, the sound track is still pretty good. The sound effects of smashing through walls, breaking glass, and explosions as well as the scream of delight of the driver as you launch him over the ramp makes the game more immersive, and fun to listen to while playing.

Put the Pedal to the Metal

The goal of this Launcher game is simple. You take control of a truck and launch it from a giant ramp, smashing into as many houses, establishments and other destructible objects as you possibly can - even flammable gas containers are potential targets. You launch the truck by pressing the right arrow when the green light on the starter pole lights up, try to get the timing right to get the most speed out of your launch, and remember to keep that right arrow pressed down to maintain your truck’s speed.

This game might remind you of that popular racing game Burnout that was released on consoles and PCs a few years back, where you drive your car down a strip of road leading to a busy crossroad filled with cars, trucks and other vehicles. Depending on how much destruction you make, the game rewards you either a bronze, silver or gold medal. This game works in a similar way, but instead of smashing through traffic, you bulldoze houses and barns and other buildings, each of them having varying “price tags” that can earn you cash for your upgrades.

Depending on how good you are at smashing through buildings one after the other, crashes also earns you Smashstreak special power ups that can help you to further your ability to cause carnage. A detailed list on the Smashstreaks that you can get can be viewed in the Menu Screen when you upgrade your truck. Players are able see the requirements they need to achieve in order to unlock them and add them to their arsenal. This then allows you to activate them whenever you trigger the condition required for each Smashtrick. These special abilities can be unleashed by pressing the spacebar. This adds to the fun and challenge of the game, as you can unlock more of these abilities which you can then use to lengthen and increase the total damage you can do in one run.  So try to unlock them all and get the most fun out of your game.

Upgrades like getting a better engine or strapping a Rocket booster to the back end of your truck can tremendously help you with your launch speed. So save up your money for those much needed purchases. Upgrading the ramp itself also gives you more room to gather more speed to launch your truck further and destroy more buildings and houses; additionally the Adjustable Ramp upgrade lets you adjust the angle your truck’ launch. This is extremely helpful, but is also quite expensive so if you are planning to get this upgrade early, getting several upgrades to your salvage percentage will be needed to increase the amount of cash you get per run.

This game is not lacking in the challenge department and it is definitely addictive because of the list of achievements you can aim for. Awards like the Nomad, which is achieved by traveling a distance of fifty miles is no easy task. Other awards like Star Player which requires you to reach a Hundred Million Points in one run and Supersonic, which requires you to break the sound barrier by traveling through at the speed of 768 miles per hour are definite bragging rights in this game, and will require a lot of time and luck to achieve. There are a lot more awards listed in the Achievements menu together with their requirements, so check them out if you want to earn them. Attempting them can easily give you a reason to play for hours on end as you try to perfect and adjust your jumps.

The Aftermath of the Destruction

Wonderful graphics, awesome sound effects, and a solid game control system, makes this launcher game a cut above the rest. While other launcher games only require you to send your avatar flying as far as you possibly can, Destructo Truck requires you to smash as many buildings as possible along the way. A low altitude launch just high enough for your truck to hit the buildings with as much speed as you can should get you a lot of cash by the end of your run. With a huge list of challenges players can try to achieve, you will definitely be coming back for more destruction in Truck Launch.

Ninja Kiwi has added another great game to their list of games and we are happy to be able to enjoy it, and hope to see more games of such calibre from different genres in the near future. Truck Launch has successfully launched itself to stardom, with a score of 81/100.