I Am Flying to the Moon Game

Houston we have lift off

Game developer, Addicting Games presents to us I am flying to the Moon, a top-down vertical scrolling launcher game that will definitely get you hooked on getting to the Moon. With your trusty rocket ship, manage your fuel and dodge pesky hot air balloons, planes and meteorites on your journey to reach the lunar surface. Buy upgrades to strengthen your rocket ship, and see how many days it will take to achieve your goal of reaching the moon.

The Journey

The visuals of this game are quite good, the colours used are good enough to show the progress of your ship as it makes its way to outer space. From the grassy plains where you launch your ship, to the slow and steady ascension to the clouds above and the subtle changing of the light blue coloured sky to the dark blue space, which tells you that you are getting close to your objective and have just left the planet.

The Menu System is simple, direct and easy to monitor. As you take control of your ship, you must dodge obstacles and pick up gas along the way. The designs of the obstacles you must surpass are varied, like different coloured hot air balloons, different kinds of planes, and even giant floating blimps provide an array of visually appealing distractions you will see along your path to the great sea in the sky.

The best part of the game is how your ship slowly morphs when you upgrade certain parts of it; like the wings, the boosters, the engine exhaust, even the ship’s main hull. Players will keep on guessing what the next upgrade will look like, rather than what it does.

When you wish upon a Star

The nostalgic music of the main menu is just perfect for stargazing and thinking of the heavenly bodies up above so it is the perfect mood setter for this game. Although the in-game background music is a little off in the mood setting department, especially since the slightly up beat tune seems to be a little inconsistent to your goal of reaching the Moon.  The sound effects in this game are also a bit lacking because most of the time, you can only hear the roar of your rocket engine as you blast through the skies. The enemies you face in the game do not make any sounds at all - well colliding into them does make that crunching noise, but besides that, there is nothing more to expect when it comes to the game’s sound effect.

Space… The Final Frontier

This game has a simple goal, to reach the Moon. Once you begin your journey, you are given a rocket ship which is actually a log with a hole in the middle, with the top part sharpened like a pencil, and a rudimentary wing and booster design that gives it the appearance of an actual rocket.  You get the chance to upgrade your ship when you crash for the first time. By collecting the coins floating in the sky and by reaching certain checkpoints on your way to the moon, you will get to tweak different parts of your rocket ship to make it faster, tougher, and more efficient in managing fuel usage to help you achieve your goal. As you slowly upgrade your ship it will also slowly change its shape and design, which will continue to do so until you actually succeed in flying it all the way to the moon.

This game has a high difficulty level, something that you would not normally expect upon looking at it. Upon lift off you get to control the rocket with either the directional keys or the keyboard buttons W, A, S and D. Your rocket ship flies like a rock and is hard to control at first, so you will probably crash a lot before you can get up to the stratosphere. It would be good to increase the money gain upgrade early in the game to get more cash for your other upgrades such as enhancing the hull of the ship, to endure more collisions. Upgrading the wings of the ship for quicker response and better control as you dodge obstacles is also a good idea. Modifying the ship’s aerodynamic functions to reduce drag and fight off those nasty winds that can blow you off-course is a must if you want to clear the earth’s lower orbit.

You can also increase the ship’s armour to reduce damage collisions, because no matter how good you are, you will still crash into several of these obstacles along the way; the engine upgrade is probably the second best choice since it increases the speed of your rocket as it propels up the sky. The other two work hand in hand, the fuel tank upgrade that increases the capacity of your ship’s fuel storage, and the Fuel dispenser upgrade that decreases your ship’s fuel consumption; the booster upgrade is useful only when your ship has either a high hull upgrade or a high armour upgrade - it can help stabilize your ship when you collide into an enemy plane or blimp. The last upgrade is the radar upgrade which gives you two coloured warning bars on the top most of the screen. Each coloured bar represents an oncoming power up or obstacle, green are for power ups or coins, while red are for obstacles and other impending dangers.

Your progress in reaching the moon is represented by the bar at the right hand side of the screen with a little marker representing your ship moving up inside it – this shows you how much farther you need to go before you reach your destination. As you get higher up in the sky, the obstacles that appear get more cluttered and tend to appear close to the power ups that you desperately need, at this point of the game you have to have a decent enough hull upgrade and several armour upgrades to endure the damage you will take to clear these obstacles. Once you start seeing UFOs you are nearly there so make sure you keep a careful watch on the fuel and armour gauge. It would also be a good idea to save your boosters for this leg of the race because you will probably have to shut the engine off temporarily to drop down to a repair icon or a fuel tank icon, once you have gathered these much need items you can then boost up again to regain your speed.

You will know that you are almost at your destination when you start seeing the moon itself and meteorites start to appear. Space probes also become a nasty obstacle here because of their size and can definitely alter your course. Once you reach your goal you will see a picture of your ship on the lunar surface and the amount of days it took you to get there.

The Result of the Trip to the Moon

Addicting games latest offering provides challenging gameplay that will get you hooked in no time. Players will end up playing this game until they have managed to get to that piece of white cheese in the sky. A simple yet fun and challenging game worth recommending to all; I am flying to the Moon by Addictive Games is a highly entertaining game for those with a dream of reaching for the stars above but do not have the means to ride a shuttle at NASA. The game has left the earth and is on its way to the moon, carrying with it a score of 85/100.