Knightmare Tower Game

Prepare Your Knight for a Flying Battle!

knightmare tower game

In Knightmare Tower by Juicy Beast games your job is to guide a knight up a tower to rescue princesses by bouncing on top of and hacking into pieces loads of little nasty monsters (and some big ones too!). Along the way there are some other obstacles to look out for such as a rising tides of lava, spikey monsters and ball spitting cyclops monsters as well as some nice sacks of money to collect.

We feel Juicy Beast has hit the nail on the head once more with this Knight Launch game. After their very successful sequel to Burrito Bison Knightmare Tower is a welcome diversion from the gummy bear squashing bull wrestler. Check out the video below for gameplay action below...

Gameplay Action

We all know that there have been a few flash developers guilty of cutting corners concerning launch games by simply failing to offer even the lightest of touches concerning story or even leading character development. Juicy Beast have never been a developer to create generic games whether that be launch based ones or any others. As usual their animation, novel leading character and steady array of upgrades shine through in Knightmare Tower or as we have so conveniently named it 'Knight Launch'.

A Brave Knight Must Do What Is Expected!

The job of a knight is not for the faint hearted nor for the cowering type who flinches at the sight of a squigy sharp toothed monster ready to devour you at the first opportunity. So this little knight must have a heart of gold and balls of steel as he prepares himself for his initial launch high up into the tower of creepy things!

Of course you are in charge of his launch and to do it right you must time your mouse click so the bar on the left is at 100%, this will enable your knight to fly high into the tower straight away. From there on it's time to dispose of all those nasty creatures that start flying up behind you...

The Monsters

The yellow ones require just one shot and are the easiest to kill. The blue ones release spikes after flashing every now and then so be sure to time your chop down on them correctly or you will get wounded. There are some big floaty murky coloured cyclops monsters that spit out green projectiles - these guys take three chops to kill. There are some nasty looking blue monsters that look like the guys out of the 1980's horror film Ghoulies.

Don't let too many of the murky cyclops monsters pile up at once because they can all unleash their green projectiles at once making the screen rather crowded and hard to avoid being hurt.
Don't fall down too many times as although you will be shot back up from the missile the lava beneath you starts to creep up until the next time you fall down you will perish!
Resucing princesses will award you with additional attacks - for example after you rescue your first princess you will notice you then have a chance for a level one bomb to appear on the screen after killing each monster - this bomb when chopped down on will kill all monsters on the screen.
Use your first upgrade in the shop to invest in a stronger sword - for me this is the best first choice you can make as the bigger sword will hack through your enemies faster and you don't necessarily need better armor straight away as avoiding the monsters attacks is easy enough to do early in the game.

Up, Up and Away

We really wish the guys at Juicy Beast Studios the best of luck with scoring a major success with Knightmare Tower as we personally love the game's idea, artwork, gameplay and lastability. We hope you will feel the same way too...