Learn to Fly 3 Game

Learn to Fly 3 will be the first of the Learn to Fly title to be a vertical launch-game. For those who are already worried about this twist, a classic mode featuring the old horizontal mechanics is also planned!

The main feature of Learn to Fly 3 will be its new upgrades system. You'll be able to purchase a "body" which will be your space shuttle and equip it with up to 8 different engines, rocket, boosts and gadgets!

Each item will also be upgradeable itself. You decide if you want to invest your money into improving that space-travel air balloon to the max or sell it and buy some fireworks instead. Add to that a launching device to replace the old ice ramp and you can already see Learn to Fly 3 is about customization, strategies and experiments!

In short Learn to Fly 3 will have more items, more upgrades and more possibilities. More potatoes and sharks too (that's a plus right?)

Here's some of the stuff you can expect for Learn to Fly 3.

Game Trailer

Learn to Fly 3
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