Rocket Santa Game

Ho Ho Blast Off!

In the next best launch game to be released for desktops 'Rocket Santa' by Beserk Studios is all about helping Santa Claus get to the moon. Why to the moon you may ask?

Well according to this game, the fight for mankind is happening up there as our troops are trying to fight off an alien invasion! When Santa hears about this he insists on launching himself to the moon to bring them all gifts. A very unique storyline behind the launch game indeed.

No matter how small or insignificant a story line may seem, it's always good to have one in a game and so with this Santa Launch game it makes it better that as a gamer you can actually visualise your overall aim of the game. Where as titles in the past such as turtle launch have fallen short of any story whatsoever and so although the game play is fantastic the end goal is lacking.

Santa Launch was created as a short festive game and that's exactly what it is, with few upgrades when compared to the likes of the previous turtle game just mentioned and Penguin Launch 2. Nevertheless the xmas period always seems to fly past so the game is quite fitting to the season itself.

Try to get all the extra four levels of upgrade in each field including air resistance and booster speed and help get Santa to the moon today (whether it's christmas or not when your playing this game!).