Shopping Cart Hero 2 Game

Game Description

Shopping Cart Hero 2 was developed by and it is the second episode to the legendary first game, Shopping Cart Hero 3 is yet to be released. The second episode of the sequel finds our hero in the middle of the same action: performing jumps and stunts with a shopping cart. This time, the graphics of the game are well improved, the developers adding more upgrades that are improving your cart, groupies, special moves and style.

Shopping Hero Cart 2 is one of the most addictive flash games. Your goal is to jump your cart as high and as far as you can. You also have to do tricks and flips while you are in the air to get as many points as you can. As you probably know from Shopping Cart Hero 1, points act as money. You use them to upgrade your cart.

Each perfect jump you make adds $1000 bonus to the jump. If you manage to make Perfect Jumps you are on your way to buy the Golden Cart in fewer jumps than you will normally get it. The game play is kind of boring (repetitive), doing the same jumps over and over again, but this is where the fun upgrades and special moves kick in.

Upgrades and tricks make the game play attractive each time you play. It is up to you to combine the upgrades in a different way every time you play until you find the best combination and getting the highest scores. This way you can finish the game (beat both bosses) faster, increasing your score with every jump.

The main feature that makes the second episode of Shopping Hero Cart better than the first are the boss levels. There are 2 bosses in Shopping Cart Hero 2. Once you kill them, then the game is basically over. You can keep playing but there will be no other boss levels after the second boss is dead. A great thing to do is to play the game over and over again to try and finish the game in the least amount of jumps as you can.

The first boss is a monkey (I think you can figure out why) in a hot air balloon. His main attack is throwing bananas. There are also other obstacles like bombs on clouds.

The second one is an underground worm and its main attack is throwing bombs. Both bosses are pretty easy to beat you just have to figure things out.

Cheap moves, like Superman and Jumping out of the car, at least, but the more expensive stunts, such as: a pole vault with a baseball bat, are going to be more expensive. Getting high scores is one of the most addictive features of the game. You simply cannot compete with other high scorers without all of the upgrades purchased for your cart.

Game Controls and Instructions:

At first glance the controls seem to be a little touchy, and before you get the hang of it you will probably crash a few times. With a little practice you?ll make things work. The main controls are the arrow keys: UP, DOWN, LEFT and RIGHT.

Tricks and Special Moves are also performed using the arrow keys. Tricks, such as flips and back flips, are made simply by holding down the left key (for back flip) and the right key (for a forward flip), until your character makes a complete turn.

Although these tricks get you points, you should be careful of how low your flight is, because if you are too low you won?t have enough time to land safely and you?ll crash for sure.

Special Moves are also performed using the arrow keys, but are a little different from the simple flips. These Special Moves get you more money, but they are also harder to make. They require speed and timing because of the keys combination you need to make, and the limited time you have until you land.

You can do tricks right from the first jump, but Special Moves require money before you can make them. In other words, you need to buy the Special Moves before you can use them.

If you combine a special move with flips and a perfect jump, then you will receive a lot more points than in any other jump. For example, if you perform a Superman while doing a back flip you will get double the points for the Superman.

Another great feature about the game, are the upgrades. You can upgrade your carts wheels to increase your slide distance after you land, add rockets to the cart so you gain more speed as you roll down the hill, which results in higher and longer jumps. Or you can simply buy more groupies, this way you increase the points for each jump. Groupies also have a downside, each time you fall they die, and you lose that upgrade. Shopping Cart Hero 2 also has some style upgrades such as hats, helmets or even the Golden Cart.

3 reasons why you should like Shopping Hero Cart 2:
  • The game play is great every time you play because of the tricks and upgrades.
  • Getting the best score makes this game highly addictive.
  • It is a great time waster for everyone, whether they are kids or adults.
4 ideas that could make Shopping Hero Cart 2 better:
  • Touchy tilt controls (needs some practice).
  • The game is too short, having only 2 boss levels.
  • Boss levels are simply too easy to beat.
  • The game could have been more complex (different levels, goals)

Hopefully the developers of this launch series of games will bare the above recommendations in mind when creating Shopping Cart Hero 3.

To sum things up, Shopping Cart Hero 2 is a unique and addictive game that you can never get tired beating it over and over again, upgrades and tricks keeping the game play fun each time. The game is a great second episode for the Shopping Cart Hero story.