Shopping Cart Hero 4 Game

Just a few recommendations and improvement ideas for the sequel

shopping cart hero 4: what should it be like?

Shop ‘til you Drop

It isn’t all that often that I go shopping these days, since groceries and desirable items can be delivered straight to your door at a cost that is negligible when considering the level of convenience that this brings to the whole shopping experience. With less people heading out to the supermarket and actually getting the shopping themselves, shopping carts are being used less and less, and are doomed to a life devoid of human contact, with the only company they have being their fellow shopping carts that are wedged into it from the rear and the one in front of it that it is itself invading in a very personal manner that would be inappropriate if there were laws pertaining to the safety, decency, and proper conduct of inanimate metal cages used for conveniently transporting things from one place to another. Thankfully, these laws don’t exist, otherwise the mistreatment of the shopping cart in Shopping Cart Hero 3 would be wildly illegal, and the speculation about Shopping Cart Hero 4 that follows would be classed as conspiracy to mistreat and misuse a shopping cart in a creative manner.


First and foremost in Shopping Cart Hero 4, there should certainly be a significantly larger quantity of upgrades to get our hands on, with ones that are more functional and don’t focus on adding style to the ride. You already have wheel upgrades to the trolley, but there should be a variety of other add-ons such as having tandem shopping carts for your groupies, different models of shopping cart (a chance to take some creative license and pretend that shopping carts are an industry just like the automobile sector), and other upgrades like better rockets, different boosts, and some more stylish upgrades as well.

Story Time

Ok, so it’s going to be a little difficult to convince any player that there could be a storyline involving repeated launching of shopping carts that both made sense and was instantly compelling, but there has to be room for some sort of utterly ridiculous story in Shopping Cart Hero 4. I can’t really envisage a scenario where launching a cart would forward a story in any way, but perhaps the world must be saved and this can only be achieved by achieving a certain distance or location with your shopping cart. Like I said, a story will be difficult to incorporate, but at the same time even a general direction for the gameplay to progress in would instantly improve the experience.

Stage Fright

Stages, levels, rounds, arenas, terrains; whatever you call them, there needs to be more of them. There are 3 in total in Shopping Cart Hero 3, so why not 5 for Shopping Cart Hero 4? Maybe we could have a stage where we actually go into a supermarket and launch the trolley in the environment which it at least was meant to be used in, even if not in the manner in which we are doing so. More levels would be more plausible if the above-mentioned storyline was in effect as well, allowing for progression from one level to another with an explanation as to why we are going to each stage.

What a Stunt

Shopping Cart Hero 3 from Monkey Want Banana stood out from the crowd with its selection of mid-air manoeuvres controlled by button combinations, so more stunts of this nature would be absolutely fantastic. The opportunity for a larger variety of stunts is only limited to the number of button combinations on the keyboard, which is in the millions.