Shopping Cart Hero Game

More about the shopping cart launching game...

Shopping Cart Hero 1 game is a flash game developed by The storyline behind this game is that your character has to go down a hill, pushing a trolley, hopping in the trolley as it speeds up, then jumping from a ramp as high as possible and trying to make a safe landing.

Each jump has 3 characteristics: height, length and tricks bonus. The higher, longer and more full-of-tricks the jump has, the more points you will get. You use the points to upgrade your cart.

The graphics of the game aren?t too complex, so don?t expect any outstanding graphics. Normally that helps a lot in a game, but this time graphics are on the secondary plan. Everything is cartoon like, the main character is a stickman, the cart looks like a sketch drawing and the background is simple. It is a great choice for the design because it is a funny game, with a fun and crazy storyline and goal and that?s how a game like its kind should be designed.

The creators of Shopping Cart Hero 1 kept the game simple by adding only 4 keys to the game (Arrow keys ? up, down, left, right). Although the keys are simple, the game is very complex allowing you to upgrade your cart in your own way. This is where each player?s strategy and imagination kick in. You might ask yourself, what does a funny stick game have to do with strategy? Well let me explain. Depending on the upgrades you make and the time you make them, you can get to higher levels.


There are only 4 keys you will use playing Shopping Cart Hero: UP, DOWN, LEFT and RIGHT (arrow keys).

Hold down the RIGHT arrow to start running, when you get as close to the flag as possible hit the UP arrow to hop in the trolley, and then hit UP again as you leave the ramp for the best elevation. When you are in the air, use the LEFT and RIGHT arrows to steady the trolley and make a safe landing.

Tips & Tricks:

While your trolley is flying in the air you can try making tricks to win more points. You can try performing flips, but be careful, the more passengers you have, the more you have to pay if you don?t make a safe landing.

Making a perfect launch of your shopping cart is also an art. You have to hit the UP button at the exact moment so your jump will be perfect. Each jump you make, you can see 2 orange posts. The first post tells you when to get into the shopping cart and the second one tells you when to jump. Try holding the RIGHT arrow to get the cart moving. Don?t release the RIGHT key. You should hit the UP button at each post. Try hitting the UP key so you get red bars for both posts. They determine the height and the distance of the jump.

There are also some special tricks you need to know when playing Shopping Hero Cart 1 game. They require you to buy the Special Moves in order to do these tricks (stunts).

  • HandStand - Press UP arrow twice, and then hold the DOWN arrow.
  • Superman ? Press UP, LEFT and then the DOWN arrow.

In order to get more trick points in trolley cart hero, do those moves as many times as you can instead of holding down the DOWN key.

If you combine Special Moves with flips you will get double points. For example, try making as many Handstand or Superman tricks as you can, while holding down LEFT or RIGHT arrow (making a flip). Each Handstand will give you 200 points and each complete flip gives you 300 points. If you make a Special Move while doing a back flip this will double the points of the Special Move.

Pros and Cons:Pros:
  • Great game play every time you play.
  • Highly addictive due to the High Score.
  • Great time waster.
  • Touchy tilt controls.
  • The game could be improved by adding some boss levels.
Many Upgrades:

Each jump you make will earn you some money. Depending on the height, length and how many tricks you do during the jump, you will earn more money. You can use this money to upgrade your shopping cart. But you should make a strategy before buying any upgrades, because they can influence your performance and points through the next levels.

Some of the upgrades are made to your cart and some of them are multipliers (groupies). So, what upgrades can you get?

You can buy cart upgrades, such as:

  • Rockets to improve the duration of the flight and make the flight distance longer.
  • Wheels to make your shopping cart roll further.
  • Groupies are money multipliers. If you think you are going to crash do not buy groupies. If you do crash, it will cost you more.
Trolley Cart Hero Conclusion:

All in all, this is a great and funny launch game, very addictive because of the ?I can do better jumps? thoughts. The features that make this game so unique and so addictive are: the number of upgrades which have to be carefully chosen so it will improve your cart 100%, and the other feature is that in a few seconds you can go from a funny cane to a bloody stick game. (depending on the landing). It?s a fun game with lots of upgrade combinations and can easily keep you busy on a rainy afternoon.